Hi, I'm Cal!
I'm a UX Designer
I'm a UX Designer
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Cal Rowston

Lead Designer

I like challenges. Whether it’s work, sport, or learning a language, complex problems excite me (I’m currently teaching myself Spanish - ¿Cómo estás?). I have a deep passion for usability and simplicity. Whether it’s writing blogs, presenting at a UX event or to senior stakeholders, I enjoy talking about design.

I thrive on collaboration because I strongly believe it produces the best results. I am friendly, easy going, and have no trouble communicating.


Agile believer

I'm a strong believer in Agile and Lean UX methodologies and I've gained significant experience working within Agile teams. I believe designers work best when immersed in a scrum environment. Collaborating with representatives of other disciplines extracts the best ideas and allows the development team to take ownership of the design.

Data lover

Data is needed at the beginning, middle & end of a project. Just because something looks good doesn't mean that it works. To determine whether a design is working, you need data. I like to determine success metrics at the beginning of a project. At critical decision points I ask myself and others, 'How will this affect our success metrics?'. Solid reporting and analytics is critical in deeming whether a project is successful.

Semi geek

I pride myself on being able to communicate with developers on a technical level. This allows me to ensure that developers, early in the project, understand what they are trying to acheive so that the designs can be realised through code. Sometimes technical constraints can be bypassed or avoided through a little creativity and collaboration.


Here's a sample of some of the projects I've worked on

Amazon Prime Video

Windows 10




My Web Valet

Atlantis, The Palm

Concierge App

Accor Hotels

Guest Messaging App





Clients and colleagues

Hear what others have to say

  • Vijay Williams

    Scrum Master

    "Exceptionally insightful. Exemplifies design-thinking by guiding UX decisions in an agile team. Remarkable at balancing best design and project scope. Cal’s collaborative approach and the ease with which he gelled with the team made my role coaching the team exceptionally easy!"

  • Scott Maclure

    Senior Consultant

    "Cal's one of those rare people who understands the many disciplines required to make UX successful. Analytical thinking, technical chops and an easy-going nature lead to some excellent outcomes during our project. Would recommend him without hesitation for UX projects."

  • Kevin Raccani

    UX Manager

    "Cal has been an integral part of the UX Team here, using his collaborative approach to help instil a lean/agile approach to our work. He has a firm focus on promoting user needs, which has ensured that our customer centric approach to development is supported.

    This wouldn’t be a proper recommendation if I wasn’t to mention the fact that Cal has a fantastic personality. His pleasant approach to work, calm demeanour and cooperative nature has really helped to grow teamwork as a standard in our UX Team. He is sorely missed.

    If he applies to work with you, snap him up. You will be hiring the best."

  • Joel Beencke

    Product Owner

    "Cal is a highly creative individual, he also has a passionate focus on understanding and delivering to user needs, which makes him an incredible asset. He’s a strong promoter of evidence based decision making through user testing and data analysis. And he’s process driven –reflecting on and improving practices. A pleasure to work with."

  • Matt Jakitsadaparp

    Agile Business Analyst

    "Cal and I worked at Optus delivering on a number of digital capabilities. He is an experienced UX designer with a great eye for detail and always thinking about what is best for the customer. Cal is able to effectively lead discussions which allows stakeholders to gain trust and respect. I was able to learn quite a lot from working with Cal and he has been enjoyable to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any future roles."

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